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The Power in Loving Yourself

Christina is passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. As someone who had struggled with their identity growing up, and struggling again with her identity after the birth of her son, she wanted to share her journey in hopes of inspiring others to regain their identity and to take back control of their life. 

Over the last two years, Christina has been mentoring women from all walks of life who are on a mission to feel fulfilled. This led her to dig deeper on her growth journey, and in 2021 she received her Life Coaching Certificate through Blissom.

Christina believes in pushing her clients to dig deeper, helping them regain their identity and ignite their souls.

Becoming a Certified Life Coach was the last piece of the puzzle.

I have always loved helping others, it's ingrained in me to do so. I tell all my clients to dig deeper, and that’s exactly what I did and wanted to lead by example.

A Message From Christina

It has been a vision of mine to create a space for women to grow and flourish. I love the in-person events but also wanted to be able to work with women on a more personal one-on-one level, which is why I became a Life Coach.

Through my journey, I have learned how important it is to truly love yourself; there is so much power in that. I am a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, but firstly I am me. I cannot wait to work with you. As we work together we will set goals and get you on the path to living a fulfilled and abundant life.

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