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Hey Gorgeous! I'm Christina!

I am a wife, mama, lifestyle/mommy Influencer, Certified Life Coach, Educator, and founder of SHE. Although I wear many hats, my vision is to empower and inspire others. I have always had a serving heart and love seeing others happy. Becoming a mother really changed my outlook on life and I wanted to share my journey in hopes to help others in a more powerful way. During my first year as a new mom, I noticed other moms struggling the same way I was. Battling with postpartum depression, anxiety, not knowing how to adjust to the new role as a mother while remembering their old self. Most women, like myself, felt like they had lost themselves. As I started sharing my journey and connecting with
other women, I knew my purpose was to inspire and help women regain their identity and empower them to work towards becoming the best version of

Find yourself again and all that you are capable of.

The SHE Journey

My journey as a new mother has been filled with so many breathtaking moments, but there have also been some extremely hard times, I share the truths, struggles, helpful tips, advice and of course the amazing moments of this journey. As I grow in my journey, so does SHE. Not only does this business help new moms, but women from all walks of life, we empower and uplift each other and learn to love ourselves. I share my life as a fully self-expressed woman and I hope that I can help and inspire others to do the same. I have met hundreds of beautiful people through sharing my story and I look forward to meeting many more.  

- Christina, Founder of SHE